Today , I will introduce our model which is called ‘ A-383′

If who ask to me “Where is best massage chair company?”

Then, I can easily answer “iRest products are best for sure.”

This model has lots of features and functions, I will introduce those things.

Zero gravity

As you can see the name, you can feel very comfortable when you use this feature.

When zero gravity mode starts, there is about 118º angle of elevation between body and feet.

The position of thigh and calf are higher than heart position.

The gravity of each body part will distribute average on massage chair to make pressure on body fully release.

It makes you under weightlessness condition and enjoy perfect relaxtion without any restrict.

And we has 6 comfortable functions.

our ‘A-383’ functions are :

SL Shape Curved Rail
Swing Function
Calf rest extended stepless
Arm massage&Shoulder adjusting
Carbon fiber far infrared heating
Double pillow

These functions will help to increase your massage effects and more suitable massage only for you.

And we have ‘ZERO SPACE’ Function.

If you have space only ‘5cm slide down against the wall’
There is no problem to place our massage chair.
Our massage chair can be great furniture as well , so please try to use our massage chair in various way !

It was introduce about our one of the great model ‘A-383’

Please try our model ! You won’t regret.

I’ll add our YouTube channel link,so visit and check all of our model descriptions , customer interview and review !


And here is another our model called ‘A-600’ which is NEW and beautiful.

It has ‘voice control’ feature so you can very easily remote your massage chair.

Please compare all of the our products and choose your one !

Thank you for visiting and read it all 🙂

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