Answer is ‘Yes!’

Massage is very well known as increase blood circulations and make relax your muscles, Then what happened if your blood circulations are increase?

First,Your body will burn more calories, and that mean you can lose your weight more easily.

And it’s not a just short effects.

Your body will keep use more calories, so just start now !

How can we increase effects of lose weight with massage?

There are several options, but most popular one is

make your diet more healthy,


An average man has a BMR of around 7,100 kJ per day,

And an average woman has a BMR of around 5,900 kJ per day.

So there is limit to lose weight with only workout.

Workout is obviously help to lose weight, but most important thing is Your diet.

If you don’t know about how can you eat healthy, check out our post which I posted.

So massage is definitely help your lose weight and also if you make your own diet, your health will get better and better.

Thank you for visit and read it.

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