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  • Spot Massage
  • Zero Space
  • 1 Year Support
  • 13 Functions

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  • Voice Control
  • Calves Massage
  • 17 Functions
  • LED Lights

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  • Toe Massage
  • 21 Functions
  • 50 Domains
  • Lifetime Support

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Frequently asked questions

I’m Working Holiday Visa,Can I apply?
Sure,you can! All you need is your ID and visa which is remaining more than 8 Months!
Is there any deposit?
Yes it is. you will deposit 750$-900$ depends on model which you chosen. But we will return your deposit when your rental duration is finish.
If you doesn’t want our massage chair anymore,But If Rental duration is still left,What Should I do?
Our massage chairs are so good so might be it doesn?t happens but if happened,you can?t receive your deposit. but anyway cancellation will progress.
What happens when my rental duration is finish?
We can give you two options. First is you just own! make yours! but we will charge 750-900$ from your deposit.
You don?t want to buy the chair,we will return our massage chair. That is second option.

How to apply?

Write your name, email address, and phone number to the application form shown below.
Please write the model name(A600, A183) and period you want to rent (you can choose from 6,12,18,24 months), and your address. we will get back to you ASAP!

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