SL-A321 Massage chair (Cream)


Whole body relaxation massage
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We only put in what you needed


This is what you needed
Simple. Comfort.

Our body requires meticulous care from start to finish.
We have been working tirelessly to develop an optimized massager for humans that can satisfy everyone so that
everyone can receive a comfortable massage with meticulous movements.
The A321 was completed based on that experience and essence.
It is truly the best and minimal choice for our body.

A321 Model with 17 Features

8 Kinds of Automatic Massage Programs

Zero Gravity

The 135° and 118° zero-gravity angles that simulate spaceflight make the thighs and calves tighter than the heart part of the body as if in a state of “weightlessness”, making the spine free of pressure and achieving deep relaxation.

Air acupressure Massage

Provides a powerful and delicate pneumatic
massage to the arms, shoulders, calves, and feet.


Provides a powerful and delicate pneumatic
massage to the arms, shoulders, calves, and feet.

A321 Design Details

A321 is created with details full of vibes like an object that blends naturally with living space. We will fill your space more warmly so that you can spend a healthy and happy time with your family.

A quilted pattern sheet
that delivers a higher level of luxury.

Silhouettes with elegance.
A sense of volume that manifests its presence.

Automatic Body Scanning

After measuring different shoulder heights for each user,
we provide a customized massage that is optimized for your body type.

Jog dial that you can
Control with finger tip

The angle of the massage chair is divided into 13 steps
so that you can receive a massage in the most comfortable position.

3D Massage Module

The horizontal and vertical movement of the massager is smooth according to
the curvature of the human body, realizing a powerful three-dimensional massage
feeling as if you were getting massaged with your hands.


A321 massage chair’s carbon far
infrared heating function helps
maximize the massage effect for the users.

* The sensitivity of each user may vary due to
   the warm temperature.

Manual Leg Length Adjustment
& Feet Rolling Massage

The feet rolling massage provides a cool and
powerful foot massage as you press the entire feet with your hands.

5 Manual Programs

to feel the massage of an expert


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