Simple answer is whenever massage as you can.

But you will not expect this answer , so let’s find out one by one with us.

First , as you know massage make relax your muscles.

So if you massage your whole body especially your legs before workout,

you can feel more comfortable and reduce stress and it will help you to make more better performance.

Secondly, after the exercise.

You can think it’s oxymoron, but It’s important as massage before workout.

The reason is when you after workout or do exercise, you can feel exhausted and very tired.

And massage definitely help these things.

Massage can make you feel better and make more relax when you rest as well. So I recommend massage both before and after when you workout.

In conclusion, massage when you before and after workout and exercise.

It will help you reduce stress and make better performance as well.

And if you have not self-massage done before or massage someone first time,

I recommend to visit massage shop at first.

They will let you know how to do more effective massage and other tips.

Or get a massage chair is one of the best option as well 🙂

Thank you for visit and hope you guys are keep healthy!

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