In the massage chair industry, there is only one household name that stands out from the crowd – SmartHealthcare.

SMART HEALTHCARE is a powerhouse brand, producing an extensive range of massage chairs and related massage products that are all beautifully designed with the customer’s well-being in mind.

Trusted by Global Brands
The SMART HEALTHCARE brand that we deal with is trusted by many reputable brands in the world, among them, the LG Group. LG Group has chosen SMART HEALTHCARE as its first overseas ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) partner. We are officially a Fortune Global 500 LG Partner. This strong, ongoing partnership is a testament to the strong reputation and outstanding capabilities of SMART HEALTHCARE.

SMART HEALTHCARE established the very first Massage Laboratory in the industry in 2010.

Outstanding &, Innovative Products
At our Brands are very proud of our many achievements, recognitions and awards we have received over the years.
But what we are really about and most proud of is our ability to produce exceptional quality products that customers love. This is at the core of who we are; the key to the success of our brand.

In order to consistently produce high quality smart products for you:

✅ We have the strictest standards of production

✅ We employ the smartest engineers in the world

✅ We created our own laboratory for massage equipment – this allows us to do deep, highly intensive product and technology research.

✅ We operate only under a sustainable business model, contributing positively to the society and environment

✅ We look after our people – they are the key to our success.

✅ Our brands of products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. Check out some of our partners worldwide

Sustainable Business Model
SmartHealthcare has a 360 degree value add approach as an enterprise. It aims to create opportunities for employees, benefits for enterprises, wealth for the society and health for customers.

SmartHealthcare has an open and inclusive people culture. We believe our employees are the key to our success so their interest and well-being are a top priority in our business. We also contribute to local community projects that help advance growth.

We source our raw materials responsibly and operate our business in a sustainable way with minimal impact to the environment.

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