Invite you to the amazing Zero Space!
The iRest massage chair has a zero-space function so that it can be used even in a small space. Zero Space is a function that eliminates neglected space by implementing a sliding method that reduces unnecessary space generated when the angle of the massage chair lies back and wakes up. The iRest massage chair  the most efficient isspace utilization, so you can get the best massage wherever you are. Zero Space is built into all iRest massage chairs.

Zero gravity mode is a function that makes the body sitting on the massage chair to take a “weightless posture.” This posture is a technical skill to minimize fatigue and maintain the best contention. Zero gravity technology was developed by NASA and has a very effective impact on human physical health!
it helps blood circulation and relieves swelling of the body.
The iRest massage chair comes standard with the zero-gravity mode, which helps blood circulation and relieves swelling in the body by placing the lower body above the heart!
If your limbs are always cold and numb, just try iRest first. You can spend cozy spring, cool summer, pleasant autumn, and warm winter with us!

Do you want a healthy massage that fits your body perfectly?
You should check out iRest’s SL type technology.
The S-type means the curve of the spine, and the L-type means the shape of the body when sitting. If it is made with only S type, it will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the
lower body massage. If only L type, you cannot along the curves of the spine, so there are areas where massage cannot be performed. This only repeats the simple movement of going up and down from the neck to the hips, and the effect can only be greatly reduced.

The perfect combination of iRest’s SL technology and 3D(4D) roller massage technology
All the massage chairs that iRest owns have high quality SL-type technology. SL-type technology is organically harmonized with iRest’s delicate roller massage technology to provide the best massage. The SL-type provides a massage that responds to the flexion of the user’s body, iRest’s roller massage technology provides the effect of receiving a direct massage from a professional masseuse. So, you can get the best and most satisfying massage at any time.
Airbags covering the whole body
The airbags of the iRest massage chair are located not only on the arms and legs, but also on the waist, and about 32 airbags surround the body to provide muscle contraction and relaxation, making the massage more effective. It stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscle stiffness.

Unlike other brands, iRest adds more rubbing technology.
The premium massage chair with iRest’s technology scans the user’s leg length and calf position to determine the optimal massage position with the airbag’s air pressure and rolling function that not only stimulates blood circulation, but also provides a more effective and gentle muscle relaxation through the rubbing function.

Stimulating machine.
The iRest massage chair is different. iRest’s unique airbag pressure and rolling function and rubbing technology provide the same effect and satisfaction as receiving a massage at a real massage parlor.
Intelligent Voice Control
Intelligent voice recognition system makes it easier to control the massage chair. 
There is no need to get up and adjust the hand controller in the massage process to enjoy more comfort.

our customers

Best of best iRest

Chris L. Read More
Because of work, I was sitting down for a long period of time in the same position. My body was in suffer from poor blood circulation. I felt really uncomfortable. About 10 years ago, I bought a massaging chair from “iRest” for a great price. Changing the massage chair to “iRest” was a blessing. As massage chair is so popular in my family, I might buy one more as one was one massage chair isn’t enough. I’m satisfied because I don’t think I’ve missed anything in design, price, and performance!
Daniel L. Read More
It is definitely different from other low-cost massage chairs from other companies. A friend bought a cheap massage chair and tested it in the past, and at the time I thought it was much better to just go to a massage shop. I couldn’t go to the massage shop because of Corona, so my family saved up money to buy it to celebrate Father’s Day. It definitely scans the area I want and gives a precise massage. Rather than paying $60-$80 at a time, the whole family can get a massage whenever they want without having to take time off, so life feels much more comfortable. I highly recommend the A100 to everyone who is thinking about it!
MinJung K. Read More
Nurses spend a lot of time standing. My legs were always swollen and sore, but after using the iRest massage chair this time, my condition became very good.
Jennifer J. Read More
I’ve purchased A305. The friends of mine who’ve tried A305 at my place bought exactly the same model A305. I didn’t say much to my friends about the chair, but I think everyone feels the same. It’s a convenient massage chair that massages the painful area without saying anything! 3 of my friends have already purchased this product. I think it is a must-have item at a time when everyone is spending more time at home due to the coronavirus
Kate A. Read More
I bought the A190 model and my whole family has been using it well. As the whole family uses it, it takes time for my turn to come, and I was looking to buy another one so that only my husband and I could use it, but I bought the new A600 because there was a promotion. The difference from the A190 is that the technology is much more advanced and it seems to give a more precise massage. I am very satisfied with the A190, but sometimes I question myself “How come A600 be so perfect at massaging?”. The iRest massage chair is now an indispensable part of our family!
Robert J. Read More
This is a very good massage chair! I feel very relaxed through this chair! The various functions makes me feel happy.
Sofia K. Read More
My husband sleeps in the massage chair! I feel very comfortable too because my body is relaxed and I feel sleepy! I was so satisfied so I bought a new product with Trade in service the moment news that a new product was released.
Stevie J. Read More
I’ve used other massage chairs before, but R168 massage chair was definitely different if i’d compare it. In my experiment, shoulders and legs were easily shown to be different. So I’ve purchased R168 as it was accuratly focused on my shoulders and legs. After receiving massage from R168, you feel refreshed and forget the tiredness. For those who are hesitant to purchase, the R168 is highly recommended.
Kwak D. Read More
When I shopping in Chatswood shopping mall, I happened an opportunity to experience their massage chairs. I didn’t buy a massage chair, but the massage was very effective and the staff were very friendly. I will definitely buy it on boxing day.
Benny L. Read More
I just experienced it for a while, but I fell asleep. It’s very amazing. I have thought massage chairs are expensive, so I compared them with other brands. The warranty period, repairs and trade-in sales, iRest’s services were very satisfactory. Especially Trade-in sales, it’s awesome!
Eric y Read More
It was the best customer service I ever had! The staff kept smiling and treated me and put no pressure on me. The massage chair experience was really good, too.
Paten I Read More
I bought massage chair named A100 from this store. Got good special with free gift on boxing day. I have done research over the years then decided to go forward with iRest. Highly recommend!!
Lili M Read More
Never thought I would own one massage chair in my life but my partner really wished to have the convenience of a massage chair in our home. After researching store and online for the best chair for our needs, we came across Smart 100 from iRest. The best feature is the back detector with this chair’s rollers detects your spine & with the combination of airbags, Thai massage, Chinese massage it gives an intense yet relaxing full body massage. As there are many functions to the Smart 100, the selection is endless. It is truly an amazing chair that we enjoy daily
Suzan M Read More
We bought a100 massage chair from iRest in Liverpool. For the good deal that we got, the massage chair is worth every bit of your money. With so many different massage modes, you will feel very refreshed after 30 minutes. — you don’t want to even leave the chair! This massage chair is a good investment — you won’t be disappointed at all. Highly recommend 100%
Quoc T Read More
Happy with massage chair a100 that I bought in Hurstville shop. I use it everyday and after every 10 minutes I fall asleep. Comfortable.
Wendy L Read More
I bought massage chair smart 100 last month in Liverpool from Yen. My friend bought from here before so she introduced me. The chair is very good, there are many functions. I like it and my family will get more when they have good special. Highly recommend!! Thank you Yen
Jessi L Read More
This massage chair is amazing! Best purchase I’ve ever made! This helps relax my body from my aches and pain, would recommend it!
John D Read More
The chair is amazing!!! My family and U have had it for a few weeks already and we still use it every day!! The ladies who served us were lovely and helped us greatly. 100% recommend!!!
Brandon D Read More
If you think about it, you pay a masseuse between $70 to $120 per session, depending on how long and where you are. But that’s just for you. This one is at home (so you no longer need to wait, you can get the message when you need it) and anyone in the whole family can use it!
Danielle Z Read More
Wow…. I love this chair so much! I bought this from the iRest location at DFO Homebush a few months ago and this chair is truly incredible. It truly targets and massages from head to toe. My whole family is loving this chair. It is such a good investment.
John L Read More
Thankfully someone recommends iRest massage chairs to me and to be honest, it’s the best gift I have ever given myself. The product looks so beautiful and it works really well! Also, the team at iRest are so nice – they really helped me pick the right chair for me and the delivery was FAST – they delivered the next day!? Thank you so much! I now go home and just sit on my iRest massage chair and get the massage I need any time, and day!? I highly recommend this massage chair to anyone looking to relieve pain from their body?
Fiona B Read More
I bought this product a couple of months a go and it’s AMAZING!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to relax and recover from a long day. After paying every couple of weeks for a massage to relieve my back and shoulder pain, I have decided yo invest in this massage chair because it takes days some this a week or two before you can book a session? That’s bad because when my back and shoulders are hurting, I want them done now. Not wait for too long.
Daniel W Read More
Don’t hesitate. Make yourself more comfortable and relaxed. Thank you Tiffany.
Phuong T Read More
The staff is very nice. Good service. The products are really good, massage very strong. I bought the massage cushion and the staff also supported me very quickly. Love it and highly recommend to buy!

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