S type & L type

When purchasing a massage chair, Please compare the leather material!

  • Do you want a healthy massage that fits your body perfectly?
  • You should check out SMART HEALTHCARE’s SL type technology.
SMART HEALTHCARE’s SL-type design considering all user’s body shapes.

The SL-type combination we sell is an innovative structure that considers all curves from the user’s spine to the hip. However, low-priced massage chairs on the market have only one function of S-type or L-type to lower the production unit cost. Massage chairs that do not have SL-type cannot provide a healthy and safe massage to the user, as each person’s body shape has different bends. When you purchase a massage chair, please make sure that it has SL-type.

SMART HEALTHCARE pursues only high-quality SL-type technology for all products.

The S-type means the curve of the spine, and the L-type means the shape of the body when sitting. If it is made with only S type, it will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the lower body massage. If only L type, you cannot along the curves of the spine, so there are areas where massage cannot be performed. This only repeats the simple movement of going up and down from the neck to the hips, and the effect can only be greatly reduced.

I experienced a new world I had never known before! How can it be so cool to get a massage on the back to hips!? When I get the massage, the feeling is different from the pain. Always receive very cool massage even in areas that I could not reach with my hands.”
Customers of A600 massage chairs
The perfect combination of SMART HEALTHCARE’s SL technology and 3D(4D) roller massage technology
All the massage chairs that SMART HEALTHCARE owns have high quality SL-type technology. SL-type technology is organically harmonized with SMART HEALTHCARE’s delicate roller massage technology to provide the best massage. The SL-type provides a massage that responds to the flexion of the user’s body, SMART HEALTHCARE’s roller massage technology provides the effect of receiving a direct massage from a professional masseuse. So, you can get the best and most satisfying massage at any time.

Best harmony [SL-type + 3D(4D) roller massage + Zero Gravity]

SMART HEALTHCARE’s massage chair makes you feel special from the moment you sit down. The SL-type makes it possible to massage every corner of your body, and the 3D(4D) roller massager provides the effect of directly massaging you by a professional masseuse. Also, Zero Gravity helps to minimize the strain on the joints that a person receives through gravity. This means that you can smoothly massage the whole body along the curve such as in the most comfortable position in the massage chair.
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