What should you consider when you’re choosing a massage chair?

SMART HEALTHCARE is the Australian company that has the highest quality massage chair with differentiated technology from other brands as it has been dominating the massage chair market for a long time in Australia. SMART HEALTHCARE’s products consider the various body types of customers, and the best technology has been put into a precise body scanning system and massage to satisfy all users. In addition, considering that every user has a different preferred massage style, various auto systems are provided. The technology of SMART HEALTHCARE has been accumulated for many years based on customer needs. Because of this, you and your partner, family, friends, or people in your company can use it with multiple colleagues to feel the full effect and satisfaction.

Who is the massage chair user? (leg massage edition)

Do you stand for long hours at work?
Are your legs often swollen and uncomfortable?

If you sit or stand in the same position for a long period of time at work or school, you may notice swelling and numbness in your legs. Repetition of these symptoms is not only very uncomfortable in daily life but also adversely affects health. So, why do calves swell?

The calf muscles are responsible for pumping blood back to the heart to keep it from lingering in the lower body. However, if you sit or stand in the same position for a long time, blood flow stagnates and blood circulation becomes difficult, and for this reason, the calf swells.

Also, if you don’t exercise regularly, the muscles in your calves will gradually weaken and blood circulation will be lowered as blood cannot be pumped to the heart.

When the function of the calf is weakened, blood flow is stagnant and varicose veins or blood clots are easy to occur, and symptoms such as swelling or indigestion appear easily so it can lead to complications, so you need to take care of your health.

If the calf is this important. How should I manage it?

It is said that even if you just massage your calves consistently, blood circulation will improve and your immunity will increase about 5 times as the whole body warms up. If the immune system is improved due to calf health, symptoms such as high blood pressure, diabetes, myocardial infarction, knee pain, varicose veins, and insomnia can be prevented.

If you want to take care of your calf health more comfortably and effectively, check out SMART HEALTHCARE Massage Chair
[32 airbags covering the whole body, rolling function, and calf rubbing technology of SMART HEALTHCARE massage chair]
The airbags of the SMART HEALTHCARE massage chair are located not only on the arms and legs, but also on the waist, and about 32 airbags surround the body to provide muscle contraction and relaxation, making the massage more effective. It stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscle stiffness.

The sole and calf rolling function, along with the airbag function, stimulates blood vessels in the sole and calf to help blood circulation. With this function, the blood that has been stagnant in the legs for a long time circulates effectively, and the swelling of the legs can be reduced.

Unlike other brands, SMART HEALTHCARE adds more rubbing technology.
The premium massage chair with SMART HEALTHCARE’s technology scans the user’s leg length and calf position to determine the optimal massage position with the airbag’s air pressure and rolling function that not only stimulates blood circulation, but also provides a more effective and gentle muscle relaxation through the rubbing function.
stimulating machine. The SMART HEALTHCARE massage chair is different. SMART HEALTHCARE’s unique airbag pressure and rolling function and rubbing technology provide the same effect and satisfaction as receiving a massage at a real massage parlor.

Calf Health Test

If you have any of the following characteristics when you touch your calves, it is a sign that you are under a lot of stress or something is wrong with your body!

  1. The calf is colder than the palm.
  2. The calf is hot like a fever.
  3. The calf is flabby with no elasticity.
  4. calves are stiff
  5. The calf is swollen.
  6. I feel a lump in my calf.
  7. There is a sore spot when the calf is pressed.
  8. If you press and release the calf with your hand, the mark lasts for a long time.
If you have just one symptom following from above, start massaging your calf muscles from today. If you want to take better care of yourself and your family’s health, check out SMART HEALTHCARE’s various massage chairs. Calf rubbing function is added to the conventional airbag acupressure method, so you can take care of the health of the whole family with an even more effective and dynamic massage.
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